Chapter 2

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Whale Hunting

Infinite comes back With “Man In Love”! She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly.

The Yunjae scene at the hospital totally warms my heart. The way they talked and bantered was like a married couple and it’s as if Hanjae is their baby. Chloe ah, don’t fall for the Yunjae here!!

Some accounts out there make me wonder how people got that information without directly hacking Yunho and Jaejoong’s phones which I really hope fans aren’t doing or asking Yunjae themselves, so I take them with a grain of salt unless they really did ask Jaejoong and he said something Yunjae-ish back, which has been known to happen. I also don’t think every single sentence that comes out of their mouths necessarily relates back to each other.

I’m also willing to believe that there are some coincidences in this world. Like if Jaejoong posts a picture of his shoes on Twitter and Yunho goes shoe shopping on the same day, that really may just be one of those things. Some things are hard to just pass off though, and the ones that are blatantly Yunjae don’t really need all that much explaining from me.

If Yunho kisses a necklace he shares with Jaejoong before going on stage, that is also fairly obvious. If a Chinese tabloid says something about Yunjae Don’t take it as the truth. How was your first kiss? Oooh, memorable kiss YH: My girlfriend was drunk– CM: She drank a lot of alcohol CM: I understand that girl, she wanted to be acknowledged YH:


Both quiet on the way back home. Looking for words to be talk about. It has been a long time since their last proper chat. But suddenly, he shook his head. His heart beating fast, feels like jumping out from his ribcage. Jaejoong took a few seconds.

ji soo lover Dec 25 pm Ji soo is an amazing actor! I always fall in love with hem in every drama! I always fall in love with hem in every drama! In most of the drama’s, he’s a .

Sunday July 28, PST Actor-singer Steven Cheung recently dismissed allegations made by a model named Keiko who claimed that the two of them had been in a relationship. As reported on Apple Daily, year-old Keiko previously alleged that she and Steven were an item four or five years ago, but he left her after they slept together. However, Steven denied the allegations through a tele-interview recently, admitting to a one-night stand with the model, but refuse to acknowledge her as an ex-girlfriend.

I only remembered the incident after a friend showed me an article about us. I have to face my mistakes with an open heart and take responsibility for what I did. Men have needs, but I was out of the line. Give me some time. I may feel awkward if I see her again, but I hope we can be friends. At the time, the 24 year old Steven went on a few dates with Keiko and then got her to sleep with him.

After their one-night stand, they broke up because Steven neglected her. But yesterday Steven denied several times of ever dating Keiko in a phone interview. He only admitted their one-night stand, but does not acknowledge her as a girlfriend.


People say I don have a very good first impression. To be a famous and respected singer, and to have my name remember for a while. Singing, Staying awake, walking, thinking, playing and playing the 3. My specialties are my hobbies A person like HK

It’s really nice to see Jaejoong finally getting close to someone. It’s about time, he has a normal life after closing himself off from everyone for so long.

I am OK with YunJae shippers spazzing online and all that hardcore stuff of yours. But do you have any respect for them at all? You guys are getting way too far. To feed your huge egocentric ego. I recently have grown apart from someone very important in my life. Someone who played a big role in my life and was a big part of my everyday life.

So coming from someone who possibly knows how they might feel.. The guy is trying to share happiness with fans and what he gets? Why not thank him instead? I remember someone saying. Not necessarily so vulgar but always something of this sort. That does sound aggressive and offensive. Observe their words more deeply instead on judging their lovey-dovey behavior.

The truth about TVXQ: DNBN Part I

Well this post is about one of them Lots of male actors that used to be models but are now actors There are a lot of gays within that group.

Okay, so this is basically all my absolute favourite DBSK fanfics. Since I am a huge fan of rec lists (so, SO helpful when youre looking for good fanfics to read:D), Ive decided to put one of my own together. Plus, Ive noticed that a lot of the fics I really enjoy arent.

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[fic] My Best Friend’s Boyfriend

And we have the live of internet war. But for me my bias well be the best! ONEW I really like this chemistry between them c: Well it’s pretty underrated but it’s my jam, honestly. They’re just looking lite they are in a pretty rose bubble of happiness when they’re together. Their bickering is really funny, but if you stick with them long enough to see that there is much more in their relationship than this, you’ll be forever stuck.

I really love BaekMi so much because they have similarities! Out of all the kpop-couples videos I have watched made by fans, Baekmi videos stand out the most to me for some reason. When I watch Baekmi videos, I feel baekhyun give out most sincerely feeling especially during .

Report Story Its Sunday and Yunho plan to go jogging early in the morning. With his white hooded jacket and a black sweat pants, he plugged his ear phone and run in a slow pace. Its only 6am and the morning breeze brought a fresh feelings to Yunho making him smile. The village wasn’t pack with people and so the path were cleared to do his morning routine. His pace increase as he turn right, specifically running on the block where Jaejoong’s house is located.

He frown his handsome face when he can see a silhouette a few distance away so he increase his pace once more to make his vision clearer and as the said silhouette became clear in his line of sight he immediately recognized that it was Jaejoong. Jaejoong in his red hoodie and black sweat pants sitting on the bench with his head bend down and shoulder shaking like he was crying.

He felt a pricked of needles inside his chest as he finally stop and choose to walk instead as he approach the beauty and indeed Jaejoong looks troubled as he wipe his tears oblivious to the fact that he had already made his way to him. What are you doing here?

OMG Joy is Dating Yook Sungjae! PROOF

She first came to fame in the movie “The Blue Lagoon”. She also starred in her own sitcom “Suddenly Susan” which she got because she did so well on “Friends” as Joey’s stalker. She is currently doing some stage work.

Title: Promise Author: tina yunho Pairing: Yunjae Rating: PG 13 Length: Oneshot Genre: drama, angst, fluff Summary: Jung Yunho made big mistakes and Kim Jaejoong wont forgive him easily! Warning: unbetaed!! .

Many fans, including international fans, used to visit the site to get the latest info about TVXQ. DNBN’s address was originally “www. After the take over by the new admins, it turned into a fan site that only gave supports to the 3 instead of giving equal supports to all 5 members while advocating itself to be an OT5 fan site. So what happened to it? Here’s a well known post by a blogger that explains in detail what happened at DNBN after the lawsuit was filed. Here’s the original Korean Text, and the translation.

However, their move is so shameless and daring, it gave me the urge to further explain the situation to the people who are baffled by all this. After the lawsuit… DNBN, considered to be courteous including myself, was run over with rumors.


Jaejoong was set up by Yoochun in a night of desire. No copyright infringement is intended. She decided to stay in a welcoming resort in Verbier, Switzerland for her vacation. To keep her warm from the chilly breeze, she thought she would to drop by the bar for a drink. It was one of the days in her life that she experienced total liberty. Thanks to her father who unexpectedly allowed her to go on the trip by herself.

Jan 01,  · [Tổng hợp] Một vài bí mật về YunJae – bằng chứng cho “YunJae is real” [Trans] Fact hường phấn về YunJae từ ngày mùng 7 đến 8 tháng 12 năm [Fanmade] YunJae Fanmade Collection – Part

WGM ‘off the camera’, the disturbing truth? Kukmin Ilbo via Naver Article talks about a fancam of the couple off camera and how Hong Jong Hyun was walking fast ahead of Yura without turning back to look at her or help her catch up. A staff kept pulling at them so Hong Jong Hyun walked ahead, leading to the distance with Yura. Yura ran up a bit more..

It did look a bit wrong for him to brush off the staff’s hand but nothing to hate on him over. I feel bad for celebrities Hong Jong Hyun-ssi looks like he’s leaving Yura behind in the video but he was actually mad at something and avoiding fans and walking ahead Yura walked behind him with Hong Jong Hyun’s manager.. Hard to judge them off of this video.


Just a couple of story from my looney shitty little life Friday, 20 July YunJae Okay, now I will reveal my source of happiness lately. Yeah, I am an active YunJae Shipper. Right now, I’m totally obsessed, consumed, and supportive towards them. First of all, for those who don’t know what the hell is this YunJae, I’ll do some introducing for you. Please read carefully with the health of your body and mind. P YunJae stands for Yunho and Jaejoong.

Changmin and Junsu looked at each other and sighed while Yoochun who was sitting on the sofa nearby muttered to himself, ‘ I really need to find the right key to unlock that, stupid hyungs. “Hey guys,” a voice directed their attention to the front door, and they saw their manager’ s head peeking inside, “follow me.

Tomorrow is the day of Jaejoong and that Shim wedding. How did he knew? He looked at the venue of the wedding before giving a sad smile. Is it really over for him? He remember how happy he was with Jaejoong 5 years ago when they were still together, doing naughty thing, dating behind their parents back secretly because at that time their parents still not approving of their relationship.

He remember how he keep on begging on his knees in front of Jaejoong father to let him date his son. I promise to make your son, Jaejoong happy for all his life. Kim, let me be with your son! Kim looked at him with his cold eyes still, his heart weakened a little seeing the young man begging on his knees just to date his precious baby son.

So tell me young man, if I let you be with my son, can you promise me to always protect him and never make him cry and will always make him happy?

Yunjae – just yunjae

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