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Kawasaki Mule Plow Install The fab job looks great. Very well thought out, and finished. But the plow looks to be too small. I’d suggest going manual with the plow until you are sure it is the one you want mounted on your UTV. I’m thinking you will be more interested in investing your time and money in an upgraded larger blade. Keep this one with a for sale sign on it. Kawasaki Mule Plow Install the mule measure just under 48″ wide, the blade is 54″. What would you suggest as a good width, 60″.

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In general I hear good reviews on all of these plows, most guys like what they have and consider their plow the best on the market. I’ve consulted 2 local powersports guys and one has recommended Cycle Country because they have less parts on the plow. He recommended Cycle Country over Moose because Moose “has too many extra parts that can and have failed” in his experience.

The guy I spoke with today recommended Moose over anything based on their heavier gauge metal, its durability and the fact that he has sold dozens of them with no complaints. My plow needs are really minimal compared to some of you guys – I’m buying the plow to plow my driveway in Central IL 4 or 5 times a year and maybe 3 or 4 additional neighbor’s drives.

We live in a rural subdivision and all drives are about 5 to 6 car lengths long and 2 car lengths wide.

Check out the selection of Commander plows and implements right here. Made by top brands like KFI, Bad Dawg, and Moto Alliance, our Commander accessories are all about maximizing the performance and utility of your machine.

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The real tuff decision was what plow to buy. I really liked the SnowSport plow. It looked really cool in the youtube video.

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The difference between mid mount and front RM4 mount from Warn mount is that the mid mount gives you an engine and frame skid plate you can run year round. The front mount, or RM4 mount, is minimally easier hook up my plow ends up being on all plowing season but takes away from your angle of entry hangs down in the front below the winch unless you remove the mount after the plowing season is over. I leave my mid mount on year round and am very happy with it.

I would never buy a front mount, personal preference. Superwinch, as with Warn make two different models of winches. One with plastic planetary gears and gear housing: One with metal planetary gears and gear housing:

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I’ve always used a ventrac or steiner tractor to plow but now I want to use the wolverine. So as of now I have an rspec with no winch or anything, starting from scratch. As I have been researching I think I want the warn provantage winch but as for the mounting plate the plow mount and the plow I’m lost. I think I have it narrowed down to doing a full warn system or going with the warn winch and kfi winch mount, plow mount and plow.

But other than the winch I think I can get all the warn parts cheaper than the kfi parts. So on one hand I have read several posts that say the warn winch mount doesn’t actually fit the wolverine from the factory and the other hand the kfi plow mount has a built in 2in receiver but is a little more costly but I have read it fits well.

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I have been seriously considering the kfi open trail 48?. I have heard various opinions about plow size, some regret larger plows and others regret purchasing smaller plows. Our quads are almost 48″ wide, once you angle a 48″ blade, you’ll be running over snow with your tires on one side. I’m likely going with a Boss electric over hydraulic 60″ plow.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Moose Racing Pully Kit for Moose Plow Systems – — at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

I also have plowed light gravel and it seemed to hold up just fine. Moose makes a great plow, this is my second one I purchased. After two years use only plowing snow the Cycle Country plow started breaking alot. When I had the Moose plow on my Kodiak I ran that plow for three years plowed snow,stonedust,gravel and nothing ever broke on it. The Moose plow does superb plowing snow, as for using it for light tractor duty, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Keep in mind however, that any plow used on an ATV only relys on the weight of the plow blade to do the cutting.

Without a hydraulic set-up you will not be able to keep any down pressure on the blade. When I used my Kodiak plowing the stonedust in the arena it took me a full day of spreading. I wish I could give you more info on plowing dirt,gravel,and loam. As for snow goes, the Moose does an excellent job. Maybe one of the guys in here has more info on plowing with it, other then snow.

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It costs to much and takes too long to build a quality plow from scratch, unless your unemployed or only make minimum wage in that your time isnt worth much. I would assume that since you live in a private community your doing something right and can afford to buy a real plow. It’s cool other members of this site as well as myself have taken on the task of building our own plow but I havent seen any homemade plow pics or even built one myself that can compare to a Moose plow and its price.

I’m not talking about the RM3 model, its mount is a huge piece of crap and doesnt hold up like the Moose that comes with their tried and true standard long push tube model. The mount for the ATV and the short push frames are the same between the Glacier II and Moose RM3 but the swivel base that turns to angle the blade and the actual plow blade are completly different from each other.

The standard Moose that every one has come to trust is built in Minnesota and was doing so long before Moose Parts Unlimited asked if they could put their logo on it.

Nov 27,  · I just bought a Moose 60” 6 way plow for my rzr. I went to my dealer and was going to buy a Glacier 2 plow just because of the easy set up, but my dealer talked me out of it and said i would have the mount all bent up(he knows me to well!) he actually talked me into the Moose plow which takes a little longer to install but according to him is alot sturdier.

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The large ones shown have SOLD. These will not have a lower jaw as shown in the smaller pair. Same price for retail customers! For an image of the actual last pair click here , although this photo is not posted at exact size. Horn and Bone Labrets: They have a shaft and a round backing disc made out of one piece.

Dec 22,  · Snow Plow for ATV? Discussion in ‘All Terrain Vehicles’ started by I dont know about down there but here you can get one anywhere. A bracket just gets bolted on the frame, drive over it hook it up, winch makes plow go up and down. I used to use one to clear snow, until i sucked it up and got a tractor. It was a moose brand quick connect.

I have between last night and today put about 7 hours on the plow set up. I have some suggestions and tips as to how to use the system most efficiently. The hook up to the atv mount is up high which CAN cause the blade to nose dive if dropped to low. The easiest way to avoid this is to do a few things. Adjust your blade skids so the plow is JUST barely touching the ground and no more.

Adjust your blade BITEto be least aggressive as possible. The two4 way adjustable blade stops should be adjusted accordingly. You want the blade tilted back as much as possible. There is NO need for an agressive bite for this set up.

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