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It was my childhood dream to see the place where Jesus was born and to see if the places were as I imagined, as I listened to the Bible stories in Sunday School. I have to say, as we traveled around the City,I thought about how hard it must have been for my saviour as he walked those cobbled stones, sandaled feet, in the scorching heat, my tears flowed as I realize he did it all for me. But acceptance of him was short lived as the story unfolds. Driving out the money changers and the animal sellers brought Jesus into sharp conflict with Leaders of the day, so much so that they plotted to kill him. When I think of the death of Jesus, he willingly gave up his life so that I could live and if I was the only person in the whole world he still would have done it for me, I am lost for words. When I first read the story of the fig tree, I had many questions, he was hungry, he had the power to make the tree produce fruits, but he didn’t, and my personal belief is, even though he only had a few days before his death he was still finding ways to teach his disciples about faith and the power of prayer. I love the way the Message puts it; “Embrace this God-Life, really embrace it, and nothing will be to much for you, this mountain for instance, just say, “Go Jump in the Lake”, no shuffling or shilly-shalling and it is as good as done. That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large, include everything as you embrace this God-Life, and you’ll get God’s everything. And when you assume the posture of prayer, remember its not all asking”. I am so glad that I don’ have to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s before I can embrace this God-Life, He accepts and love me just because.

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Luke 1 & 2 It would appear that Luke’s account of the story is a little different to the other 3 accounts of Matthew, Mark and John. They wrote their own accounts where Luke makes it clear that his letter is a result of an investigation.

Perry Noble, the former pastor at NewSpring Church in South Carolina, admitted that he “never felt qualified” to preach at his former church even before he was fired for his alcoholism last year. In a statement to members last Friday, NewSpring Teaching Pastor Clayton King said that he and other NewSpring leaders do not think Noble was qualified to preach according to biblical standards. According to The Christian Post , he has been continuing to do preaching engagements at other churches, leading NewSpring members to question why he was not being invited to preach there as well.

King explained to the members on Friday that he and his leadership team believe that Noble currently does not meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor, teacher, shepherd as outlined in the three biblical scriptures on leadership — Timothy 3: In response, Noble insisted that he never met the qualifications for leadership at any one time while he served as a pastor at NewSpring, and said he saw the statement as an attack on churches that have allowed him to preach.

I never felt I was good enough and I never ever at any point in my ministry could have gone through any of those lists and checked them all off as I know, as you know,” he said. Noble also expressed disappointment at the suggestion by NewSpring leadership that his ministry was not about Jesus. He further stated that losing NewSpring Church is “one of the most painful things that have ever happened in my entire life. Noble contended that NewSpring leaders are not in a good position to make any judgments on his spirituality since there is currently not much of a relationship between him and the lead pastors.

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Chris Feb 19, At what point do you and all of us, in general accept that an apology is never coming and just forgive those that hurt you anyway? And if pointing out problems with the theology and practices of influential churches in our community is a motivation, then why just NS? There could be an entire blog devoted to ridiculous sayings on local church signs. James Duncan Feb 20, And, as I tried to point out in this post, nothing has really changed, so it still warrants some attention.

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No, you fight fire with water. Water douses the flame. He would lead these vulnerable girls to Christ, then have sex with them. What was even more surprising is that the college minister would remain on the staff, as if the whole thing had never happened. This pastor simply allowed the guy to remain in staff position, where he would still be leading girls he had had sex with. In short, it was a cover-up — a scandal this pastor and this minister tried to keep out of the view of their congregation, too afraid that knowledge of it would destroy their church.

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My father has been a worship pastor at the same church for 25 years which, btw, has taught and shown me the value of commitment and faithfulness. Mom played and sang too. Everyone in the family loved music. Met Lee McDerment there as NewSpring Church was just beginning and he took me under his wing and taught me what being a worship leader looked like. Cultivating a heart that knows the voice of Jesus by spending regular time with him.

Former cameraman Patrick McDermott and the Australian star had been dating for nine years when he vanished in June while on an overnight fishing trip off the coast of San Pedro, California.

Wow, What A Week. Well, this past week has been very interesting to say the absolute very least. Ever since Sunday, my eyes have slowly become open to a whole lot of things and I honestly believe that God is showing me things that I never could have ever imagined. So lets take a look back at this past week. Perry spoke on a message speaking about being stuck in a certain spot Ever since Dawn, Brotha J James Burgess , and alot of the Best Buy originals left, it almost feels like they’re targeting all of us veterans.

But I know God has got my back so I try not to let it bother me. But when I looked at my schedule for this coming week and see that they have me closing Sunday night, I was about to say “Enough is enough” and walk to heck out. I cant do that though because I’m too friggen deep in debt. I’m talkin about so deep that right now I couldnt even pay one of my credit card bills this month. And my phone bill gettin jacked up so friggen high that I may end up having to get my cell phone cut off.

So its definetly a fact that I cant leave Best Buy yet. So yeah, I’m definetly stuck in that position

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People had kept telling me how great NewSpring was I really wish I would have kept that, because it would mean so much to me now. It was just what the Dr. That was almost 2 years ago. I felt completely hopeless.

Dec 06,  · Then we also had Carlos Whittaker and Lee McDerment over from the US at different times for whole weekends of concert, seminars and Sunday worship, with our band supporting them. I have to pinch myself to be sure I’m not dreaming – I have no right to be sharing a stage with these guys but somehow it happens.

Turned 50 and celebrated with an amazing family holiday in Florida and partied in my favourite restaurant Seasons See the pic below. Wow where did those years go. Liam finished college to his delight and started his first job as a Facilities Apprentice. Saw the end of an era with Sir Alex retiring. Witnessed a Scotsman win Wimbledon! Saw many years of prayer come to fruition with people gathering each week at MKCC. Said goodbye to my old mate from college days. Proud to have been give the privilege of saying a few words at his funeral and to carry him down the Shankill Road.

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One of the top players in the class that will garner a large amount of attention sat down to have an interview with myself. A player that hails from the nationally ranked Pahokee High School , in Pahokee, Florida, a player wide-open in the recruiting process, a player that has had to overcome tragedy to get where he is today, a player listed in the Rivals Top players of , and a player that will provide an immediate boost to the school he eventually decides to commit to.

When was your first offer? Over the summer last year at South Carolina camp. On a weekly basis which schools keep up with you the most? Of the schools recruiting you who, from the staff, is doing the recruiting of you and what kind of relationship do you have with them?

Nov 21,  · For the Honor is a live album from the American contemporary worship band Elevation Worship. Provident Label Group released the album on November 21, [1] Aaron RRobertson produced the album.

On the other hand, megachurches have a way of defending themselves that seems to lash out at small churches who criticize them. Both groups have stereotyped the other side. One side will say that the other only entertains, while the other side will say that the other is old and is not a church that people want to attend. This is counterproductive to the Kingdom building that is supposed to be taking place.

In fact, this back and forth between these two sisters has brought much confusion to many believers. What I mean is that they have heard the echo from those in both camps of this issue. With one side pointing out the imperfections of the other, it seems appropriate to outline those characteristics of what aright church looks like. There are four universally, historically, marks that someone should look for in a church so that he or she may decide whether or not they have found a right church or a wrong church.

Those who are looking for a church should be looking for distinctive marks that seem to help define church on whether or not it is a right church, or wrong church. Of course this type of discussion is nothing new. You may recall that the book of Acts is a book that describes the birth of The Church as a result of the Holy Spirit coming to indwell those who receive and follow Christ. Ray Dunning, in B. Dunning further pointed out that these marks are produced by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

This last statement is another discussion for later, but it certainly should cause one to pause at the role of leadership, and administration, in many Protestant churches today.

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