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Matt Howard On Monday afternoon, I posted a short blog piece teasing the NFL Films documentary that told the story about how Seattle Seahawks fans have incorporated the music of Phish into their stadium chants. According to the post’s backlash that arrived via Reddit , Phish fans are about as sensitive as a warm butt cheek on a freezing cold toilet seat. Let me begin by telling you that I have very few complaints about the music of Trey Anastasio and co. Sure, in the post I referred to it as “craptastic”, but that was in the context of it being applied to the high-energy and exciting sport of football both of which Phish’s music IS NOT. My sense of contempt is aimed entirely at the avid Phish fan. You know, the neckbeards who are continually being arrested at their favorite band’s concerts at MSG just last week. Few fans of any band would feel the need to so overzealously condemn the life of a single person’s opposing opinion. Perhaps they’re so insecure about their taste that they find it necessary to team together to ensure their lame cult community will survive. And through all of the hate, not a single Seahawks fan gave me any gripe about calling their Pro-Bowl quarterback petite. Clearly and surprisingly , football fans are far more stable than those of Phish.


For a band that traces its roots to the Green Mountains of Vermont , Phish has logged a healthy amount of its road time in the Peach State. In fact, while Georgia ranks ninth in terms of most visited states, Atlanta stands a proud third in terms of most frequented cities, trailing only Burlington, VT, and New York City. And Phish has returned to Georgia every full performing year since with only two exceptions, and

Phish ended the Nineties playing for 75, fans at a two-night millennial concert at Florida’s Big Cypress Seminole Indian touring in support of ‘s Farmhouse, Phish announced a .

The band played a show last week without her, and the explanations came quickly and bitterly from both sides. Castrinos updated her Instagram bio to read: Here’s the since-deleted note: Anyone on here who thinks the story could be as terribly and flatly painted as Jade conveniently did has no idea what this band has always been about. It’s a shame to think anyone would comment anything other than a hope that it heals. If you think we came to this decision suddenly or as some form of punishment you have no idea who we are.

If you think that email to jade was not sent 30 seconds after a meeting WITH jade and the band but out of the blue- you have no idea who we are.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the Phish Concert in LA!

What are XTC up to these days, anyway? We’re not really sure. It’s in the freezer and I dunno if it’ll ever come out again. Colin [Moulding] phoned me recently and said he wasn’t interested in music any more, and it wouldn’t be XTC without him.

Clutching Forks and Knives. 10/7/94, Bethlehem, PA, Stabler Arena. The first show of Phish’s was full of debuts — five total, including Fish’s take on “I Wanna Be Like You.”.

Looking at what had been played over the last few shows, it looked like we were due for a ” Disease ,” ” Piper ,” and ” Hood ” centric second set we went two for three , with the show-before-Halloween factor lurking as the wildcard. The first set was, let’s just say, uninspiring. Even accounting for the fact that first sets have largely felt like warmup acts in , last night’s opening frame left much to be desired.

The song selection to start was fairly pedestrian. Even a pleasant surprise like ” Walk Away ” fell short of the standards the band has set for that song as of late. Look at the setlist; that’s pretty much how it sounded.

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His family eventually settled in White Plains, New York. He spent much of his childhood learning the tenets of Judaism, but by the time he was a teenager, Matisyahu began to rebel against his rigid upbringing. He became a self-professed “Phish-head”, taking hallucinogens and following the rock band Phish on tour. After he finished Muss, he returned to New York, where he subsequently left high school after the first day of his senior year to travel throughout the US.

A stint in a rehabilitation center in upstate New York followed. Miller then attended a wilderness expedition trip in Oregon for teenagers. This was now my search for my own identity, and part of Judaism feeling more important and relevant to me. Around that same time, he says, he started to become more interested in Judaism, taking classes on Jewish spirituality at The New School. He recounts that at the same time, he started praying, getting himself a prayer book and prayer shawl.

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Howle There are some things about life that are just universal. Cool, as they say, is good. After a somewhat quiet summer of music tours, things are about to change in a wonderfully major way as three iconic musical powers — each unique and totally different from each other but equally capable of burning down the stage to the delight of ecstatically frenzied fans — ramp up what promises to be a stellar fall and winter season of tours at House Of Blues in North Myrtle Beach.

And anyone who knows the genre has a top 3 that will inevitably include Phish, and in doing so, automatically takes their creative and spiritual leader to the altar of grooviness — and that leader is Trey Anastasio. The lineup will once again feature Natalie Cressman trombone and vocals , Jennifer Hartswick trumpet and vocals , Russ Lawton drums , Tony Markellis bass and vocals , Ray Paczkowski keyboards and Russell Remington tenor saxophone and flute.

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History[ edit ] Formation and The White Tape: Anastasio and Fishman had met that October, after Anastasio overheard Fishman playing drums in his dormitory room, and asked if he and Holdsworth could jam with him. The band performed one more concert in , and then did not perform again for nearly a year, stemming from Anastasio’s suspension from the university following a prank he had pulled with a friend. The older version was officially released under the title Phish in August Pollock and Wright were musical collaborators, experimenting with multi-track cassette records to be broadcast on local radio.

Reagan”, the latter song being written by Nancy and Pollock. Jarnow argues that despite an eventual falling out between the members of Phish and Nancy, Nancy and his music were highly influential to Phish’s early style and experimental sound. Pollock has continued to collaborate with Phish over the years, designing some of their album covers and concert posters. By , the group had encountered Burlington luthier Paul Languedoc , who would eventually design four guitars for Anastasio and two basses for Gordon.

A Live One by Phish (CD) & Skeletons From The Closet: TBOTGD, by Grateful Dead

The email simply listed flavors. The flavors, while mostly conventional ideas such as strawberry and powdered, had much bigger meaning than D’Ambrosio could’ve imagined at the time. And Phish asked D’Ambrosio’s popular Philadelphia doughnut and fried chicken shop to provide treats to concert-goers as they enter the show each night. D’Ambrosio is a lifelong Phish fan, so the opportunity has been surreal to say the least.

Courtesy of the artist “I don’t know what we did to get this special blessing from Phish,” she says over the phone from New York City on an off-night between Baker’s Dozen shows. It really has been the hard work of our chef, Matt Fein.

is a non-commercial project run by Phish fans and for Phish fans under the auspices of the all-volunteer, non-profit Mockingbird Foundation. This project serves to compile, preserve, and protect encyclopedic information about Phish and their music.

Share Thirty-four years into their career, Phish found new ways to surprise their obsessive fan base during their night “Baker’s Dozen” residency at Madison Square Garden, which wrapped up Sunday night. The band didn’t repeat a single song during the run, which included 26 sets of music, songs total. Taking loose inspiration from flavors of designer donuts distributed at the door each night by the Philadelphia-based Federal Donuts, the Vermont quartet debuted a slate of songs that ranged from a s blues standard to a viral video, from underground Seventies funk to 21st-century art rock.

The audience was hardly limited to those inside MSG, or even listening in real time, with the band webcasting the shows and archiving them via their LivePhish platform. The Baker’s Dozen was one of most ambitious seasons of Phish in years: Here are some of the highlights. A Number Five hit for the Brothers Johnson in , “Strawberry Letter 23” is the new cover most likely to keep a Phish set at full blaze with its slinky groove and space break.

But mostly Phish stuck with fun, and the fun won out, from the full-band arrangement of Tom Waits’s “Way Down in the Hole” Night 10 to guitarist and ringleader Trey Anastasio’s Hendrix-style “O Canada” solo to open Night Nine Maple night with spotlight on the Canadian flag in the rafters. As keyboardist Page McConnell strapped on James Brown’s former keytar, the quartet used a spluttering dance groove as a launching point, sailing through arena peaks, sparse funk lowlands, seas of default riffage and stormy guitar heroics.

It landed elegantly into “My Friend, My Friend,” itself earning a jam it never previously had. Immediately jumping to number two on the phish. While many of the subsequent first sets stayed almost disappointingly within their bounds, sometimes filled out with juvenilia “Alumni Blues,” Night Sevent; “Camel Walk,” Night 13 , “Lawn Boy” established an anything-can-happen mood for the duration of the run.


They are all members of the inimitable community of Grateful Dead fans commonly and affectionately known as Deadheads. This subset grew in number, soon giving birth to a community with its own set of rules and even slang. Sure, Beatlemania once swept the U. And the Rolling Stones still have audiences under their thumb, despite their combined age of Fans of the band Phish—Phishheads—as well as Bruce Springsteen are a formidable force, but in terms of unbridled loyalty and devotion to the late Jerry Garcia and his bandmates, Deadheads are without peer.

Guess the nicknames of the loyal fan groups of some of music’s biggest names.

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I write about science and music for the University of Chicago, Pitchfork and other places. As prolific as Phish were at this stage, the Flynn Theatre show let loose the backlog and clued fans in on their headspace during their months off the road. Guyute has always been one of my very favorite Phish songs. Perhaps the scarcity of 3.

Phish ended the Nineties playing for 75, fans at a two-night millennial concert at Florida’s Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. After touring in support of ‘s Farmhouse, Phish announced a hiatus.

History[ edit ] Formation and The White Tape: The band was joined by percussionist Marc Daubert in the fall of , a time during which they promoted themselves as playing Grateful Dead songs. The older version was officially released under the title Phish in August Pollock and Wright were musical collaborators, experimenting with multi-track cassette records to be broadcast on local radio.

Reagan”, the latter song being written by Nancy and Pollock. Jarnow argues that despite an eventual falling out between the members of Phish and Nancy, Nancy and his music were highly influential to Phish’s early style and experimental sound. Pollock continued to collaborate with Phish over the years, designing some of their most iconic concert posters. By , the group had encountered Burlington luthier Paul Languedoc , who would eventually design four guitars for Anastasio and two basses for Gordon.

In October , he began working as their sound engineer. Since then, Languedoc has built exclusively for the two, and his designs and traditional wood choices have given Phish a unique instrumental identity. In the album A Picture of Nectar, named as a tribute to the owner, featured a large orange with Nectar’s photo superimposed subtly within the orange.


After more than four years, Phish, the Vermont born quartet with a loyal fan following, will return to the concert stage this March in Virginia. The band on Wednesday on its Web site, confirmed the reunion concerts this coming March 6, 7, and 8 in Hampton, Virginia, and posted a page addressing what is expected to be strong demand for tickets. The relationship between the two bands was once a sore subject for Phish but has warmed in recent years.

Although many other live Phish albums, both official and otherwise, have been released over the years, A LIVE ONE is a perfect introduction to the group’s signature mix of heavy chops and goofy Rating: % positive.

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