Sonny with a Chance

The newest member of So Random! In the first episode, when Sonny was called in to be on So Random! Friendly and caring towards those around her, she is known as the nice girl of the group and does her best to help other people with their problems and achieve her dreams, earning mixed results. Sonny is friends with Nico, Grady, Zora and has an on-and-off friendship with Tawni. However, she is in constant denial about it to everyone and tries to keep it a secret. Tawni Hart Tiffany Thornton: A spoiled, manipulative and bratty cast member of So Random! She becomes upset if she does not get her way. Although she dislikes Sonny at first because she doesn’t want to share her spotlight, she later accepts her even though their conflicting personalities occasionally cause disagreements. Tawni is probably the only person who knows Chad likes Sonny.

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Please wait, submitting your vote Sonny used to dislike her nickname when she was young, but now she thinks it suits her as she said when she met Chad in ” West Coast Story “. Sonny became interested in comedy after watching her boyfriend and her mom do the “reverse cowboy”. Sonny was sought out by So Random!

Chad is the new guest star on So Random, and he and Sonny have to do a sketch together where they will kiss, much to her dismay. Chad then says when Sonny .

Edit The episode starts with the So Random! Chad and Sonny are dating in the episode. After that, 2 sketches are done to start the show. So he tries his best to stop it throughout the episode. The next scene is the So Random! The scene is cut to Chad wherein he hires Penelope, Amanda’s number 1 fan. Throughout the eppy, Chad is shown filming MacFalls trying to make it into a comedy but fails. In the end, the So Random! Subplot Edit Grady and Nico while they are not doing sketches notices Penelope and tries to stop her but fails and asks Zora for help.

In the end, Penelope sees Amanda and finally meets her and faints and promises to stop messing up even though she messed up lots. Segments Beginning- Before the So Random! ViewerMeter- Shows twice in the episode.

Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight

Usually she would be on set right now practicing her lines or getting a manicure with her friend Tawni but it was their two week break before filming the third season of So Random and Sonny wouldn’t be on the fourth Season so it was really important to her she grabbed her phone from her bag and logged onto Facebook wondering how her friends were spending their time. Chad Dylan Cooper has no randoms to annoy, someone meet up with me? Admit it chad you miss us ;.

What you on about Randoms why would I miss Sonny? Because you love me:

Episode #9: With a Chance of Dating First of all, it’s so obvious that Chad has feelings for Sonny- just not obvious to her. You can see the look of disappointment “in his eyes” that Sonny is dating James.

Episode 14 – Prank’d Release Date: The number one show gets any room in the building according to the contract. After remembering all the good memories about sketches they have done like Dolphin Boy and the Check It Out Girls , they hand-cuff themselves to the prop house. After two hours of being hand-cuffed they decide to fight back. They chase away the cast of “MacKenzie Falls” by cutting a hole in the ceiling and annoying them by throwing objects on their heads.

Chad says he won’t be driven away, but he starts meditating in the photo booth, he runs away because of a rat. The So Random cast get their prop house back. Chad comes back and brings gifts to everyone in order to say he is sorry and didn’t know how much the prop house meant to them. He gives Tawni a Bedazzled lipstick case, Zora a night light for the sarcophagus, lets Nico and Grady ride the forklift, and lastly gives an autograph picture of himself to Sonny that says “To my biggest fan, I’m sorry, TV’s Chad Dylan Cooper.

Then, Nico and Grady bursts in while riding the forklift. Sonny begs Chad for his Lakers tickets.

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Sketchy Beginnings Air Date: February 8th, , Sonny Munroe enters the set, not knowing that she is in for a difficult time with Tawni Hart.

For example, in the episode “Sonny with a Chance of Dating” Chad was jealous when he found out Sonny was going on a date with James. In addition, in the same episode, when Chad and Sonny were fake dating, Chad said to put her head on his shoulder hinting that he likes her.

The newest member of “So Random! She used to dislike it when she was little, but now she thinks it suits her as she says when she met Chad in “West Coast Story”. In the first episode, when Sonny was called in to be on “So Random! She also plays a guitar her guitar case was shown in the first episode and behind her during the theme song. Friendly and caring towards those around her, she is known as the nice girl of the group and does her best to help other people with their problems and achieve her dreams, earning mixed results.

Whenever Sonny lies, her voice rises in pitch shown in “Battle of the Networks’ Stars”. She helped “So Random”! Sonny is friends with Nico, Grady, Zora and has an on-and-off friendship with Tawni. In Season 2, they begin dating. Tawni Hart Tiffany Thornton: A spoiled, manipulative and bratty cast member of So Random! She becomes upset if she does not get her way.

In the beginning, Tawni was openly jealous of Sonny to the point that she committed mail fraud by stealing all of Sonny’s fan mail, but later grew more accepting of her. Tawni is probably the only person who knows about Sonny and Chad’s mutual feelings for each other, but never mentioned it to anybody.

Sonny with a Chance

The series follows the experiences of teenager Sonny Munroe, portrayed by Demi Lovato , who becomes the newest accepted cast member of her favorite live comedy television show, So Random!. This is the first Disney Channel Original Series to be shot and aired in high-definition from the beginning. Like most of Disney Channel ‘s sitcoms, it is shot on tape but uses a ” filmized ” appearance. The second season, some scenes are shot on location. No word on whether Lovato would return to her role had been said, and production on the season carried out as planned in January without Lovato, focusing on the So Random!

An official name change to So Random!

Sonny with a Chance; Relationship: Chad Dylan Cooper/Sonny Munroe; Characters: Sonny Munroe “I was right.” She declared, cutting Sonny off. “I was right from the start but you two were too stubborn to see it. You kept insisting I was wrong when deep down you knew I was right.” The smirk on her face seemed to grow just as rapidly as Sonny’s.

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In Sonny With a Chance When Do Sonny and Chad Start Dating

At the end of , it was confirmed that Will was going to be gay. Will and Sonny were soon confirmed to going to be in a relationship. Chandler Massey said, “Will admires Sonny for being comfortable in who he is and seem like he has it all together. Many critics have admired it for treating this couple like any other heterosexual couple.

Chandler Massey commented on the relationship of Will and Sonny and said, “As far as Sonny and Will go, I get the power couple thing between them and they have the healthiest relationship on the show, believe it or not. Despite Days executive producer Ken Corday saying that characters who die “are dead”, [10] it was announced on May 8, , that Chandler Massey was returning to the role of Will, with his return expected to air sometime in September

The part 2 promo just came on Chad and Sonny are trying to hide their relationship, and the cast watches them carefully and sees them smiling and acting goofy at each other! ANd the limo scene, chad and sonny are sitting really close!

Demi Lovato [6] as Allison “Sonny” Munroe Sonny is a friendly, eccentric and well-intentioned teenage girl from Appleton , Wisconsin who lands a main role on her favorite comedy sketch television show, So Random! She is a rising star of the ensemble cast and works hard to be the best comedian she can be. Sonny often tries to solve the ongoing feud between the Mackenzie Falls and So Random!

She was Chad’s girlfriend as of the episode “Falling for the Falls” until they split in “Sonny with a Choice”. As seen in further episodes, all of her co-stars are very fond of her. She does not appear in So Random!

Sonny and Chad’s First Date

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