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The first of which being the oil pressure and oil temperature senders. Here’s a pic of the oil filter adapter plate with the sending units installed. Then I installed this assembly, along with a new oil filter. Next, I installed the transmission temperature sender into the transmission “test port” on the driver’s side of the 4R transmission. Its as simple as removing the plug and installing the sending unit, with teflon tape. I had intended to use a sending unit manifold tapped into the front-most outgoing cooler line coming out of the transmission. I wanted to tap into the outgoing fluid so that I was monitoring the worst-case temperature to catch any overheating problems as early as possible. Since I was doing this in the middle of winter, I didn’t want to cut into my transmission lines and risk crippling my truck in case the weather got bad. Depending on the results with the test port, I might move the sender this spring. The next one I installed was the fuel pressure sender.

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Im gonna check on that filter first thing in the am. I pulled the sensor again and it was dry Click to expand Ok so heres how my day went. I pulled the valve lifter filter and the bottom was pretty dirty so I cleaned it up and hooked mechanical guage up and boom 42psi and after running for about 45min it never fell below 33psi. So I take it for a spin and 45min into the ride I noticed it starting to drop and after about a hr of driving it was back to zero and the light was on to turn engine off.

So I figured it was clogged again so I pulled it and yes it was dirty but not as bad as the first time.

Jan 27,  · The oil pressure gauge is Dakota Digital mounted in an old clock housing. Even wired it up to use the clock harness connector. Wanted a gauge but wanted it to “look stock” (sort of).

A nuclear density gauge is a tool used in civil construction and the petroleum industry , as well as for mining and archaeology purposes. It consists of a radiation source that emits a cloud of particles and a sensor that counts the received particles that are either reflected by the test material or pass through it.

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One factor is the half life of the radioactive source 30 years for Cs , which means that the system needs to be recalibrated at regular intervals.

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History[ edit ] Although Evangelista Torricelli is universally credited with inventing the barometer in , [1] [2] [3] historical documentation also suggests Gasparo Berti , an Italian mathematician and astronomer, unintentionally built a water barometer sometime between and Galileo responded with an explanation of the phenomenon: Galileo’s ideas reached Rome in December in his Discorsi.

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Procedures for Oil Pressure Testing. If you have an 84 Pontiac Fiero I would hook up a mechanical pressure tester. Pressure Testing Procedures. If a vehicle has an idiot light or gauge it will have an oil pressure sending unit somewhere on the block or casting area. You’ll also want to make sure you follow the instructions provided.

September 30, , The simple fact is many of us using Smartcraft enjoyed many years of digital features way before the rest of the industry produced NMEA This is a look at a prototype that Merc gave me. I received it with no installation instructions. That was their plan, to see if a non professional could hook it up. It is a prototype, but it is running the release software, so what you see is what you will get.

Merc has released their marketing “sell sheet” here: They are doing it in the form of a Merc gauge that easily replaces the speedo or tach or even just an extra which now adds many new functions to the boat. I might add here that some are confused as there used to be smartcraft tachs and speedos That’s why I got one gauge and replaced my SC speedo.

It is truly is a perfect example of the way everything is going these days: I should add that sending Merc data to other devices such as the chartplotter is a neat feature.


Since I screwed up already by removing the needle from the cluster I figured why not one more time. So while at 60mph I placed the needle at 50psi. Turning on and off the engine the needle does back to 50psi but still will not fluctuate pressure changes like the mechanical. Could the new Oil Sender Unit be faulty?

Fuel Gauge Installation Instructions Hookup Function Hookup Function P ‘+’ Positive P1.A ‘+’ Positive P Lights P1.B Lights.

I have a Smiths oil pressure gauge electric and not connected to anything and yesterday I discovered that I have something that looks suspiciously like an oil pressure transducer mounted on the spin off filter adapter. There are 2 devices on the adapter – one is my oil pressure idiot light I know this by my mighty powers of deduction – there are wires going to it and something must be switching the little idiot light on and off and the other which looks like a rusty little can with 2 spade lugs on top and has no wires going to it.

So I ran a wire direct from one of the prongs to the back of the gauge, and another from the power side of the gauge to the battery. I provided a ground to the case of the gauge. Tried swapping the wires. Am I doing this right? Or should there be a ground down at the transducer itself?

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Electrical cum hand operated For Compression test on Concrete or similar materials. Suitable for use on Concrete Cubes of any size upto 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, 7. The load is applied thru hydraulick assembly. The lower platen is on the Hydraulic ram, and upper having a spherical seating is adjustable. The machine is provided with an air release valve and the load is automatically indicated on the 15 cms diam hydraulic pressure calibrated against an N. Compression Testing Machine, Hand Operated,double plunger pump with hydraulic pressure gauge.

I was able to run a single, simple line from my engine block to my gauge, then hook up the electrical wire for the oil pressure indicator light. Furthermore, I am able to set the minimum oil pressure at which the oil light will illuminate.

You could get a chrome or a black bezel, but choosing colors was like the first Model T: So just about everyone had generic looking gauges, and the only thing that stood out was where you mounted them. If you like the nostalgic look of those old gauges, you can still get that sort of gauge today with either a mechanical or electrical sender.

Auto Meter’s Custom Shop allows you to customize your gauges to match or contrast your car. With the various colors and sizes of automotive LEDs available, you can choose just about any color for the back lighting. We contacted Dakota Digital to get some insight into the technology behind their new VHX series of gauges. These new kits combine the look of analog gauges while being completely digital in function.

We also looked what Auto Meter has for the both enthusiast and motorsports, as well as AEM Electronics and Innovate Motorsports , who offer gauges that handle specific functions to help tune and monitor crucial information. If you want to customize your gauges, Auto Meter allows you to design your own custom gauges on line in their Custom Shop using hundreds of combinations.

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Report galtiero answered 3 years ago Just went through this with a sierra 5. Even though the truck had extremely low mileage and oil changes were routinely done sediment had built up in the engine. I would not count on it being a faulty sending unit. I had a long weekend and pulled the motor and tore it down and rebuilt it. I was shocked that this engine with only 79k on it looked worse than any engine I have ever torn down. You have to love modern technology and lubricants.

Locate the oil pressure sending unit on the engine (the parts store can sometimes tell you where it is), remove it and follow the instructions that come with your universal oil pressure gauge to hook it up.

How to Install an Electrical Oil Pressure Gauge by Amelia Allonsy Electric oil pressure gauges are easy for a DIY-mechanic to install, whether replacing a faulty oil pressure gauge, or a custom, after-market look is desired. Oil pressure gauges are designed to inform the driver when the oil falls below a safe operating level, or when the oil pressure is too high.

Driving a vehicle without an oil pressure gauge can lead to catastrophic engine failure. Most oil pressure gauges come with mounting panels and the necessary installation hardware. The necessary hardware can be purchased from an auto parts dealer, if not included with the oil pressure gauge. Choose a suitable location to mount the oil pressure gauge; mount the gauge so it is easily viewed while driving.

Common mounting locations for aftermarket oil pressure gauges include under the dash, on top of the dash, or set into the dashboard. Mount the gauge panel to the dash with a screwdriver and screws provided in the kit; set the gauge aside. This makes it easier to connect the wires. Remove the oil drain plug from the oil pan with a wrench and drain the old oil into a oil catch pan. This is an opportune time to change the oil filter as well.

Remove the old oil pressure sending unit with a ratchet and socket; the oil pressure sending unit is shaped like a cylinder and is usually located near the oil filter. Refer to the new oil pressure sending unit in the oil pressure gauge kit to help you identify the part.

Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuates While Driving: What’s the Problem

Are you wondering why an HPOP gauge is so important for a diesel engine? The HPOP receives oil from the Low Pressure Oil Pump in order to drive the injectors, and the computer will then tell the injectors exactly when to fire. The pressures can be anywhere within the range of — 3, PSI. With having a weak or defective HPOP, this could starve the injectors for fuel and could lead into other fuel system failures.

An upgraded HPOP may be required if fuel injectors or the fuel system is upgraded, which is to ensure that there is sufficient fuel feeding the engine.

Printed in U.S.A. Your new B&M transmission oil temperature gauge will accurately monitor transmission oil temperature and warn you before excessive heat ruins transmission fluid or causes.

Somthing like this tapped into the canister lid where the filter sits correct? That said, my gut says skip the China seller. I saw some VDO options for comparable products. I may be off my rocker with my opinion, and very much welcome optimism to it, but I can’t say anything from China has ever lasted, except China. Is there clearance from the hood? Could you please illustrate this? I’m envisioning using the TRM adapter, but it’d be a nice way to get a system up and running with just a sensor, gauge, and sacrificial cap.

Just out of further curiosity, does anyone know if our sender, and in the event of that adapter, sensor location is pre-filter pressure. Or is that line out pressure. I guess I expect that it’s really only gauging directly from pump to filter pressure, but that’s why I’m asking. Because I’d rather have post-filter, with the option of pre-filter. Mad Scientist giggles I’m liking the idea of essentially knowing the health of the filter For no reason beyond nerd knowledge.

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The following instructions are for creating a MegaSquirt to Relay Board cable. It is for those who are creating their own harness. With both boxes mounted, measure the distance between them from DB connector to DB connector – this will be the length that you will cut the individual wires. If you are not using a Relay Board, allow enough length in each of your wires to reach the target component.

Even though my idiot lights still work I wanted a gauge so I could read the oil pressure. Anyway what i did was install an 1/8 npt “T” fitting to the oil pressure sender port on .

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How to Install an Oil Pressure Gauge by William Zane An oil pressure gauge can be a crucial device for monitoring the health of your engine. The gauge is a simple device that reads the pressure being produced by the engine’s oil supply via a thin tube that the oil runs through. An oil pressure gauge can be a good indicator of your engine’s health, alerting you if there are any problems with the engine’s oil supply.

Slide the end of the clear oil line into the fitting on the back of the oil pressure gauge, tightening the fitting onto the line with an open-ended wrench.

Nov 05,  · The PCM monitors engine oil pressure. The sensor is located right above the oil filter. But if you look around the oil filter area, I believe that there are a couple of ports right in the same general area that you can use.

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How to Install a Speedhut® Oil Pressure Gauge on a Subaru WRX STI

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